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"I have committed my life to teaching powerful self care strategies so that you can live your healthiest, pain free and energized life!"



Jennifer Singer is your self care expert and has dedicated her life to finding a natural ways to assist the body in healing itself. As the author of the up coming book "The Self Care Evolution" she is passionate about helping you live your healthiest, most vibrant and energized life.
After spending the past 23 years as a Fitness Professional as well as using her own healing techniques Jennifer has put together over the past two decades Jennifer shows you step by step how to take mindful control of your health so that you can live your own "Self Care Evolution".

In "The Self Care Evolution" you'll discover:
-The 7 steps you can use to live your ultimate life
-Why in doing ONE of the 7 steps can change your health dramatically
-A super simple way to begin your healing journey
-Why negativity can cause a snowball effect in the wrong direction

Now why are we giving you these bonuses?


Jennifer's vision is to give as many people
as possible tools that they need to live their ultimately
happy, healthy, and energized life...
just like hers... because she truly believes that in giving is receiving...
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With much love, happiness and gratitude,
Jennifer Singer